Corporate Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct


Rates for residency and services:

For residents who choose to pay via private funds and not a governmental payor source (i.e Medicare, Medicaid), the rates charged by the facility for residency and services are:

$375/day for double-room

$400/day for a private room


Individuals with an ownership interest in the operator of the facility:

Boruch Sheps – 99%

Rochel Strom – 1%


The landlord of the facility is:

Northwoods Realty Associates LLC

7B Medical Park Drive

Pomona, NY 10970


Vendor Services:

All goods and services for which the facility pays with any portion of Medicaid or Medicare funds are provided by independent companies with no common ownership to Northwoods Rehabilitation and Nursing.  A skilled nursing facility requires agreements with a broad spectrum of providers and provider types, including food service providers, pharmacy, professional consultants (i.e. pharmacists, dieticians), oxygen suppliers, laboratories, dental and physician specialists (i.e. podiatrist, psychiatrists etc.), X-ray and imaging specialists, professional kitchen suppliers, among many others. As such, the list of vendors is very extensive and difficult to post on a website. All vendors are independent from Northwoods Rehabilitation and Nursing and the agreements are all “arms-length” and in accordance with Corporate Compliance regulations.

Should you wish to receive information regarding any of our vendors, please submit your request in writing to the facility Administrator, or to:

Northwoods Rehabilitation and Nursing

7B Medical Park Dr.

Pomona, NY 10970